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Cuibrain is an app to develop your multiple intelligences, improve your capacities and train aspects such as your memory, concentration, attention or coordination through the use of minigames and Big Data.


Since ancient times the cuis have had to face thousands of dangers. In such a hostile world the only way of surviving is by being more intelligent than your enemies. Use your brain to save your friends and bring peace back to the cuis.


Methodology – Multiple Intelligences

In 1983 the American scientist Howard Gardner published his Theory of Multiple Intelligences. The intelligence went from being conceived as something unique and static to be interpreted as a set of skills or abilities, equally important and present in everyone.

Scientific validation

Cuicui Studios has created an algorithm that allows to measure and analyze the intelligences of each user. Our software and games are validated in collaboration with experts in education, psychology and neuroscience of the University of Oviedo.

About us

Cuicui Studios is a startup dedicated to the creation of educational games of the brain training kind, designed pedagogically to train and analyse the multiple intelligences of our users.



Educational games

Educational games

Games designed by educators to train and enhance your multiple intelligences and cognitive skills like memory or attention.

Improve your skills

Improve your skills

Train your brain 15 minutes a day and track your intelligences profile, skills evolution and games stats in the Brain section.

Compare with others

Compare with others

Compare your results with others by gender, nationality, age, occupation or level of education. Challenge your friends!

Supported by research

Supported by research

Our software and games are designed in collaboration with experts in education, psychology and neuroscience.

Awards & recognition

  • ``Winner South Summit``

    Best edtech startup worldwide (South Summit 2016)

  • ``Winner Emprendedor XXI``

    Best startup from Asturias (Emprendedor XXI La Caixa 2016)

  • ``Winner INJUVE``

    Startup Winner in the National Contest of Young Entrepreneurs, INJUVE 2015.

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